sperm-donor-icon-blue Sperm Donor

Why Donate?

Have you ever been in that ‘stuck place’? Or maybe you’ve experienced that sinking sand feeling? If you have then you’ll know what it’s like when all you need is one simple thing (let’s call it ‘the Unsticker’) that could change everything for you. But until you have that ‘Unsticker’ you’re stuck or possibly even sinking. Without it you can’t make things better and they might even get worse. Whatever the situation, though, you know that you can’t move forward in the way that you choose and that can make life pretty miserable.

That’s what it’s like for many men and women up and down the country who would like to have children but for various reasons discover that it’s not going to be possible unless they use donated sperm. There’s a shortage of donor sperm in the UK so lots of people find themselves stuck. Very stuck. You could become their ‘Unsticker’.

By donating your sperm you could help lots of people get out of their stuck place, for example:

  • men who are infertile
  • single women
  • lesbians.

To meet current demands, around 1,000 sperm donors are needed every year from all nationalities, religions and cultures, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Join the great Unsticker Club and help change lives today.

In The Media

Over the last ten years there’s been an increase in egg and sperm donors coming forward in the UK. This didn’t happen by accident. Media coverage, in whatever way, shape or form, has an important role to play. The more media inches, the more awareness, the more donors come forward.

It is as simple as that.