Why I Need A Sperm Donor

Caroline (32) & Daniel (33)

We were both in our early thirties and had been together about four years when we started trying for a baby. When nothing happened after a year or so we thought we should go and get checked out. We didn’t really believe that anything was majorly wrong but it felt like a sensible thing to do and we thought it would put our minds at rest. Nothing prepared us for the utter devastation of discovering that Daniel didn’t have any sperm. In a world where we’re used to having answers and reasons, it was exceptionally difficult that no one could tell us why Daniel didn’t produce sperm. Investigations, tests and surgery revealed absolutely nothing. We’re still grieving for what will never be but if we do decide to move forward and have children then our only options are to use a sperm donor or adopt. I would really like to have the opportunity to use my own eggs before we go down the adoption route so that means we need a sperm donor to help us.