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Known Egg Donation

If you need an egg donor then you might decide that using a friend, family member or someone else known to you is your preferred option.

Using an egg donor who is known to you and with whom you have some kind of ongoing relationship may present a range of benefits and challenges to you, your donor, your donor-conceived children, and your current and future families. It’s important that you discuss the implications individually and as a group through counselling before deciding to go ahead with treatment.

The process of donating and receiving donated eggs from someone you know is usually the same as when using a non-identifiable donor. In some circumstances, however, the HFEA might waive some of the donor criteria.

Using a known donor in a clinic also gives you the same legal parenthood status as using a non-identifiable donor.

In The Media

Over the last ten years there’s been an increase in egg and sperm donors coming forward in the UK. This didn’t happen by accident. Media coverage, in whatever way, shape or form, has an important role to play. The more media inches, the more awareness, the more donors come forward.

It is as simple as that.