As a clinic already offering or interested in offering fertility treatment with donated gametes and embryos, it’s essential that you provide excellent patient and donor care, and that your donation practice is up to date.

In an ever competitive industry with patients and donors armed with knowledge and information, it’s more important now than ever before that you’re top of your game.

We can help you achieve this through our:

  • Donor Centre of Excellence Accreditation (DCoE) Scheme; and
  • newsletter.

Donor Centre of Excellence

The Donor Centre of Excellence (DCoE) scheme is a prestigious kite mark awarded to HFEA-licensed treatment centres which have demonstrated exceptional donor-centric practice in the recruitment and treatment of egg and sperm donors. The aim of the DCoE scheme is to encourage fertility clinics to strive for excellence beyond their pure clinical practice with traditional fertility patients.

Find out more about the scheme and how you can work towards becoming a Donor Centre of Excellence.

NGDT Newsletter

Keep up to date with all that’s going on in the world of donation by signing up to the NGDT newsletter. In addition to regular donation updates, you’ll also get exclusive access to information about available gametes and embryos in other clinics. This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to share what’s going on at your clinic.

Plus, by signing up to our newsletter now you’ll be first in line to see our brand spanking new database which will link what we know about available egg, sperm and embryo donors in this country with requests for them from other clinics.

In The Media

Over the last ten years there’s been an increase in egg and sperm donors coming forward in the UK. This didn’t happen by accident. Media coverage, in whatever way, shape or form, has an important role to play. The more media inches, the more awareness, the more donors come forward.

It is as simple as that.