Why I Need An Embryo Donor


I’m 48 and have never met anyone I wanted to spend my life with, let alone become a parent with. I had always wanted to become a mum but had been a quite nervous about going it alone. I decided I was ready to start trying for a baby in my late thirties. I started by having donor insemination but after three unsuccessful rounds, I moved on to IVF using my eggs and donor sperm. I was overjoyed when I became pregnant.

Sadly I had a miscarriage at nine weeks. So, I tried again and, again, it worked but I had another miscarriage, this time later on in my pregnancy. I was devastated and it took me a long time to even consider doing any more treatment. My clinic recommended that I explored the idea of using donor eggs and donor sperm but it didn’t feel quite right for me. I did mull it over though and in the process of looking into it I discovered embryo donation. I liked the idea that people who’d experienced IVF wanted to help me. I knew it was rare to find a donated embryo but it felt like something I could contemplate doing. I contacted the NGDT and they put me in touch with a clinic which had available embryos. Once I decided to go ahead, the treatment process was so easy. I was hopeful when I discovered I was pregnant but anxious because of what had gone before.

But I needn’t have been. The pregnancy went smoothly and miraculously my son arrived on his due date! My son has transformed my life. I am so grateful to the couple who donated their embryos and gave me the chance to become a mum.