Why I Need An Egg Donor

Francesca & Paul

I met Paul slightly later in life when I was 44. It was a whirlwind romance and we married on a beach in Antigua on my 45th birthday. I felt like I had it all. Great career, beautiful house, wonderful friends, a supportive family and now a soulmate.

Neither of us had any children and as time had passed neither of us had ever really expected to become parents. But, for me, meeting Paul changed all of that. I suspected that at 45 my eggs probably weren’t up to the job so I had some tests done which confirmed my suspicions. I wasn’t particularly surprised; just a little sad for what could have been.

We feel fortunate as we’ve both found it relatively easy to get our heads around using an egg donor to help make our family. Now, we’re just hoping that a very lovely woman will be willing to donate to us.