Why I Need An Embryo Donor

Bob and Nadia

We’re the very proud parents of a three-year-old daughter conceived following embryo donation. We’d chosen embryo donation because Nadia had experienced a premature menopause when she was in her early twenties and I have a hereditary condition which I didn’t want to pass on to any future children. Although we could have used an egg donor and then tested the embryos before transfer for the condition, we both felt that this would be too emotionally difficult for us. We had lots of counselling and talked about all of the options open to us. Embryo donation was our first choice. We did have some logistical problems getting the embryos from the clinic where they were stored to our treating clinic but we were fortunate because the NGDT did most of the communication and negotiation around this – it meant that we didn’t get too caught up in a stressful situation. Our first transfer didn’t work out and we were devastated. I think, sometimes, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because there is a problem and a solution it would just work first time. But fertility treatment doesn’t always work out like that. When we felt up to it we tried again and this time we were astonished when we saw the second line on the stick telling us our long-awaited for good news.