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Becoming a Sperm Donor

Thank you for considering becoming a sperm donor

Once you've read this information, your next step is to contact one of the licensed clinics who recruit sperm donors. The link gives the contact telephone number and the name of a co-ordinator who you can speak to.

The response you will receive differs from centre to centre depending on their particular working practices. For example, some centres will have an initial chat with you over the telephone while others may invite you in to speak face to face with a member of staff. In either case, the centres staff will need to assess your suitability as a sperm donor and they will ask questions about your health and that of your wider family.

If there are no obvious reasons to exclude you as a sperm donor then the next stages are:

  • You attend the clinic to produce a semen sample that can be examined in the laboratory. You will usually need to abstain from any form of sexual activity for between 3 and 5 days beforehand
  • You give a blood sample for analysis. This will include tests to determine your blood group as well as screen for common genetic diseases and sexually transmitted infections. You may also need to be examined by a doctor who will take swabs and may also require a sample of urine.
  • You will also be asked to sign a form giving your permission for the centre to contact your GP and ask for their opinion as to your suitability as a donor.
  • You will have an interview with a member of staff to discuss the donation process and talk through the legal aspects that surround it. This is your chance to ask about your rights and the rights of those receiving your sperm and of any child born as a result of donor insemination (DI) treatment.


The clinic needs to know about your health and related issues mentioned above. They will offer you counselling about what is involved and your rights, as well as the rights of those receiving your donated sperm and any child created by means of your donated sperm.

If you are accepted as a sperm donor and you agree to enter the programme then you will need to sign legal forms giving your consent to the storage of your samples and allowing their use in treating other people. The samples you donate will be kept in storage for up to ten years, but you may specify a shorter time if you wish. In addition, notes will be made about your physical appearance (e.g. build, complexion, eye and hair colour) and these details may be used to match your characteristics with those of the recipients of your donated sperm.

Your details will be held on a register maintained by the HFEA as a safeguard against inappropriate sexual relationships between children sharing the same (genetic) father.

Donor-conceived adults can find out the identity of their donor when they reach the age of 18.  For more information on this, see the section onDonation and the Law

The Donation Process

You will usually need to donate regularly for a period of three to four months, although this time may vary according to the quality of your samples and the requirements of the clinic.

During the period of time that you are producing the semen samples for freezing, you would normally need to attend the centre once or twice a week to produce a sample.  Most centres are quite flexible about this and do not require you to keep specific appointments.  However, it is important that the period of time that you are donating is kept to a minimum to reduce the possibility of catching any infections that could ultimately lead to your samples being unusable. Some centres may ask that if you are sexually active you consider using a condom with your partner to reduce this risk to a minimum.

Success Rate

The success rate depends on a number of factors and can be anywhere between 2% and 20%.

For more Information

Our lives, since having the children are 100% better than we could have ever dreamed.  Nothing we can say can ever come close to thanking the man who made this possible.

For many years we were broken hearted.  Now we have a normal and very happy family.  Our lives have been totally transformed thanks to our donor – thank you.

Each night we tuck up our treasured, bright, wonderful little girl and our completely mad, sweet, beloved little boy – because of the generosity of just one man. Thank you.

Laura and David



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